Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal Worx Mfg., Inc.  uses cutting-edge technologies and the most advanced equipment available in order to optimize speed, accuracy and repeatability within our manufacturing facility. Our CNC punch presses have the ability to punch holes in various geometric shapes and patterns as well as different form features such as louvers, electrical knockouts, emboss, extrusions, card guides and various others.

Our manufacturing capacities include turret punch presses and press brakes, multi-axis back gauge, which allow us to cost-effectively produce component parts of the highest possible quality for our customers. Our press brakes can handle a full range of material thicknesses in bend lengths up to 120 inches.

Metal Worx Mfg., Inc.  has the capacity, the systems and the equipment necessary to handle all of your manufacturing needs. You can trust that your parts will be delivered to you with the highest quality standards, and in strict accordance with your production schedule.

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